Larry Norman - We Wish You A Larry Christmas

We Wish You A Larry Christmas

We Wish You A Larry Christmas is an album by Larry Norman. It was released by Solid Rock Records in 1998.


  1. Organ Grinder (People!)
  2. Riding High (People!)
  3. I Love You (People!)
  4. Somebody Tell Me My Name (People!)
  5. Ashes Of Me (People!)
  6. Apple Cider (People!)
  7. Turnin' Me In (People!)
  8. Ulla (People!)
  9. 1000 Years B.C. (People!)
  10. We Need A Whole Lot More Jesus (People!)
  11. I've Got You On My Mind (People!)
  12. Hasty Heart (People!)
  13. She's A Dancer (People!)
  14. Blow In My Ear And I'll Follow You Anywhere (People!)
  15. I Got A Letter From The President (People!)
  16. Prelude
  17. You Can't Take Away The Lord
  18. The Last Supper
  19. Nothing Really Changes
  20. Postlude

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