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WPA Vol. 18 Heaven In Your Heart

WPA Vol. 18 Heaven In Your Heart is an album by Bill Mallonee from the WPA series. It was released in 2013.


  1. Adagio [4:49]
  2. Send A Piece Of Your Heart Up-Ahead (For Joseph) [4:49]
  3. Railroad Man (Down To Sunny New Orleans) [4:33]
  4. (I'm Always) The Very Last To Know [5:34]
  5. Little Bit Of Heaven In Your Heart [4:01]
  6. Highway Man's Song [6:25]
  7. A Whole New World (Opening Up) [4:32]
  8. Look Down On Me Lovingly [4:52]
  9. Through The Glass Darkly [3:47]
  10. Adagio (bonus track/vocal up alt mix) [4:50]

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