381px-Coldplay - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends

Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
is the fourth studio album released by the British band Coldplay. It has 10 songs, and the number one song on it is Viva La Vida. It was released on June 11th, 2008. When it came out, It sold 3.5 million copies in Europe, 3 million copies in the US, and 1.5 million copies in the UK.


1. "Life in Technicolor"
2. "Cemeteries of London"
3. "Lost!"
4. "42"
5. "Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love"
6. "Yes"
7. "Viva La Vida"
8. "Violet Hill"
9. "Strawberry Swing"
10. "Death and All His Friends"

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