Victor is the first and only solo album by the Canadian guitarist Alex Lifeson of Rush. It was released on January 9, 1996.
Alex Lifeson Victor AC


  1. Don't Care
  2. Promise
  3. Start Today
  4. Mr. X
  5. At the End
  6. Sending Out a Warning
  7. Shut Up Shuttin' Up
  8. Strip and Go Naked
  9. The Big Dance
  10. Victor
  11. I am the Spirit


  • Alex Lifeson - vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, programming
  • Les Claypool - bass on "The Big Dance"
  • Peter Cardinalli - bass
  • Bill Bell - guitar
  • Dalbello - Lead vocals on "Start Today"
  • Edwin - Lead vocals
  • Blake Manning - Drums
  • Colleen Allen - horns
  • Adrian Zivojinovich - programming

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