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Tug Of War

Tug Of War is the fourth studio album by Paul McCartney. It was released in 1982 by Parlophone Records and EMI Music worldwide, and CBS Records and Columbia Records in North America.


  1. Tug Of War
  2. Take It Away
  3. Somebody Who Cares
  4. What's That You're Doing?
  5. Here Today
  6. Ballroom Dancing
  7. The Pound Is Sinking
  8. Wanderlust
  9. Get It
  10. Be What You See (Link)
  11. Dress Me Up As A Robber
  12. Ebony And Ivory
  13. Ebony And Ivory (Solo Version) (iTunes bonus track)


  • Paul McCartney - Lead Vocals
  • Denny Laine - Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Bass
  • Eric Stewart - Guitars
  • Campbell Maloney - Military Snares
  • Ringo Starr - Drums
  • Steve Gadd - Drums
  • George Martin - Electric Piano
  • Adrian Brett - Panpipes
  • Andy Mackay - Lyricon
  • Adrian Sheppard - Drums
  • Dave Mattacks - Drums
  • Carl Perkins - Duet Vocals, Guitars
  • Stevie Wonder - Duet Vocals, Synthesizer, Electric Piano
  • Jack Brymer - Clarinet
  • Keith Harvey - Cello
  • Ian Jewel - Viola
  • Bernard Partridge - Violin
  • Jack Rothstein - Violin
  • Stanley Clarke - Bass
  • Background vocals by Eric Stewart and Linda McCartney


  • Produced by George Martin

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