Thief is a soundtrack album by krautrock band Tangerine Dream for the film "Thief". It reached No. 43 on the UK Albums Chart and ran for 3 weeks. It was released on Virgin Records in 1981. Beach Scene is found on Version A, and Confrontation is found on the B Version.


1. "Beach Theme" - [3:44]
2. "Dr. Destructo" - [3:18]
3. "Diamond Diary" - [10:48]
4. "Burning Bar" - [3:11]
5. "Beach Scene" - [6:48]
6. "Scrap Yard" - [4:40]
7. "Trap Feeling" - [2:57]
8. "Igneous" - [4:45]
9. "Confrontation" - [5:37]


  • Edgar Froese - Keyboards, Electronic Equipment, Guitars
  • Christopher Franke - Synthesizers, Electronic Equipment, Electronic Percussion
  • Johannes Schmoelling - Keyboards, Electronic Equipment

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