The Memory of Tree
is the 4th album recorded by Irish singer/musician Enya. The Memory of Trees was released in 1995. It won a Grammy Award for "Best New Album" of 1997. Its cover art was inspired by a painting called "The Young King of the Black Isles" by Maxfield Parrish whose work has inspired many of her music videos as well.

The Memory of Trees Tracklist:Edit

1. "The Memory of Trees" - 4:18

2. "Anywhere Is" - 3:58

3. "Pax Deorum" - 4:58

4. "Athair Ar Neamh" - 3:39

5. "From Where I Am" - 2:20

6. "China Roses" - 4:47

7. "Hope Has A Place" - 4:44

8. "Tea-House Moon" - 2:41

9. "Once You Had Gold" - 3:16

10. "La Soñadora" - 3:35

11. "On My Way Home" - 5:08*

12. "Oriel Window" - 2:22 (Japanese Bonus Track)

*There are 3 versions of this song available: album edit (3:35), video version and the remix version available on the single and also on "Paint The Sky With Stars" with a duration of 3:38.

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