Alice in Chains - The Essential Alice in Chains
The Essential Alice in Chains is a two-disc compilation album by Alice in Chains. It was released on September 5, 2006, and is part of Sony BMG's The Essential series.

Track listingEdit

Disc oneEdit

  1. We Die Young (from Facelift)
  2. Man in the Box (from Facelift)
  3. Sea of Sorrow (from Facelift)
  4. Love, Hate, Love (from Facelift)
  5. Am I Inside (from Sap)
  6. Brother (from Sap)
  7. Got Me Wrong (from Sap)
  8. Right Turn (from Sap)
  9. Rain When I Die (from Dirt)
  10. Them Bones (from Dirt)
  11. Angry Chair (from Dirt)
  12. Dam That River (from Dirt)
  13. Dirt (from Dirt)
  14. God Smack (from Dirt)
  15. Hate to Feel (from Dirt)
  16. Rooster (from Dirt)

Disc twoEdit

  1. No Excuses (from Jar of Flies)
  2. I Stay Away (from Jar of Flies)
  3. What the Hell Have I (remix)
  4. A Little Bitter (remix)
  5. Grind (from Alice in Chains)
  6. Heaven Beside You (from Alice in Chains)
  7. Again (from Alice in Chains)
  8. Over Now (unplugged version; from Unplugged)
  9. Nutshell (unplugged version; from Unplugged)
  10. Get Born Again (from Nothing Safe: Best of the Box)
  11. Died (from Music Bank)
  12. Would? (from Dirt)

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