Stryper: Tim Gaines, Oz Fox (sitting), Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet (left to right)

Stryper is one of the most famous Christian bands in Christian music history. They started as a band called Roxx Regime in 1983 and later that year changed their name to Stryper. They were best known in the 80s for their big hair, black and yellow spandex, and throwing copies of the Bible to the audience at their concerts. They received much attention from the Secular market as well as the Christian market. They also received much flaque from many churches because of their look and sound. They were one of the first Christian bands to play the genre of Metal. Their band came to a close in 1992, but has been back together since 2003.


Studio AlbumsEdit

The Yellow And Black Attack
Soldiers Under Command
To Hell With The Devil
In God We Trust
Against The Law
Murder By Pride
The Covering
Second Coming
No More Hell To Pay


Can't Stop The Rock
7: The Best Of Stryper
The Roxx Regime Demos

Live AlbumsEdit

7 Weeks: Live In America
Greatest Hits: Live In Puerto Rico


  • Oz Fox - Guitars, Vocals (1983-1992; 2003-Present)
  • Tim Gaines - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (1983-1986; 1987-1992; 2010-Present)
  • Tracy Ferrie - Bass (2005-2009)
  • Matt Harding - Bass (1986)

External LinksEdit

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