AC DC - Stiff Upper Lip

Stiff Upper Lip

Stiff Upper Lip is an album by AC/DC. It was released in 2000.


Original DiscEdit

  1. Stiff Upper Lip
  2. Meltdown
  3. House Of Jazz
  4. Hold Me Back
  5. Safe In New York City
  6. Can't Stand Still
  7. Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll
  8. Satellite Blues
  9. Damned
  10. Come And Get It
  11. All Screwed Up
  12. Give It Up

Bonus Disc (2001 Tour Edition)Edit

  1. Cyberspace
  2. Back In Black
  3. Hard As A Rock
  4. Ballbreaker
  5. Whole Lotta Rosie
  6. Let There Be Rock
  7. Stiff Upper Lip
  8. Safe In New York City
  9. Satellite Blues

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