Larry Norman - Sonrise Sampler

Sonrise Sampler

Sonrise Sampler is a compilation album by Larry Norman. It was released in 1995 by Solid Rock Records.


  1. Let The Rain Fall Down (Radio Version)
  2. Let The Rain Fall Down (Album Version)
  3. Shot Down
  4. Come Away
  5. The Rock That Doesn't Roll
  6. Under The Eye
  7. I've Searched All Around The World
  8. A Dangerous Place To Be
  9. I Am A Servant
  10. God Part III
  11. Righteous Rocker #3/If God Is My Father
  12. Why Don't You Look Into Jesus?
  13. Step Into The Madness
  14. Diamonds/One Way
  15. Hymn To The Last Generation

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