Songs In The Attic

Songs In The Attic is an album by Billy Joel. It was released in 1981 by Columbia Records in the United States and Canada. It was released in the UK, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong by CBS Records in the same year. 


  1. Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Down On Broadway) [5:05]
  2. Summer, Highland Falls [3:03]
  3. Streetlife Serenader [5:17]
  4. Los Angelenos [3:48]
  5. She's Got A Way [2:44]
  6. Everybody Loves You Now [3:10]
  7. Say Goodbye To Hollywood [4:25]
  8. Captain Jack [7:16]
  9. You're My Home [3:07]
  10. The Ballad Of Billy The Kid [5:28]
  11. I've Loved These Days [4:35]


  • Doug Stegmeyer - Bass
  • Liberty DeVitto - Drums
  • David Brown - Guitars
  • Russell Javors - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
  • Richie Cannata - Organ, Saxophone
  • Billy Joel - Lead Vocals, Piano, Keyboards


  • Produced by Phil Ramone

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