179px-John Lennon - Some Time In New York City

Some Time In New York City

Some Time In New York City is the third studio album by John Lennon. It was released in 1972.


  1. "Woman Is The Nigger Of The World"
  2. "Sisters, O Sisters"
  3. "Attica State"
  4. "Born In A Prison"
  5. "New York City"
  6. "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
  7. "Luck Of The Irish"
  8. "John Sinclair"
  9. "Angela"
  10. "We're All Water"
  11. "Cold Turkey"
  12. "Don't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking For Her Hand In The Snow)"
  13. "Well... (Baby Please Don't Go)"
  14. "Jamrag"
  15. "Scumbag"
  16. "Au"


  • John Lennon - Lead Vocals, Guitars
  • Klaus Voormann - Bass
  • Alan White - Drums
  • Jim Gordon - Drums
  • Jim Keltner - Drums
  • Keith Moon - Drums
  • Delaney Bramlett - Guitars
  • Eric Clapton - Guitars
  • George Harrison - Guitars
  • Nicky Hopkins - Electric Piano
  • Bobby Keys - Saxophone
  • Jim Price - Trumpet
  • Bonnie Bramlett - Percussion
  • Background vocals by Yoko Ono and Bonnie Bramlett

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