Stryper-Soldiers Under Command

Soldiers Under Command

Soldiers Under Command is the first full-length album by Christian Heavy Metal band Stryper. It was released by Enigma Records on May 15, 1985. It was the first Christian metal album to achieve Gold record status, selling more than half a million copies.


  1. "Soldiers Under Command" - [5:03]
  2. "Makes Me Wanna Sing" - [2:51]
  3. "Together Forever" - [4:03]
  4. "First Love" - [5:43]
  5. "The Rock That Makes Me Roll" - [4:56]
  6. "Reach Out" - [5:21]
  7. "(Waiting For) A Love That's Real" - [4:36]
  8. "Together As One" - [5:01]
  9. "Surrender" - [4:28]
  10. "Battle Hymn Of The Republic" - [2:36]


  • Michael Sweet - Lead Vocals, Guitars
  • Robert Sweet - Drums
  • Oz Fox - Guitars
  • Tim Gaines - Bass, Keyboards, Piano
  • Background vocals by Oz Fox, Tim Gaines, Michael Sweet, Linda Mullen, Doris Castenada, and Tammy Thomas

Add. Musicians

  • Christopher Currell - Synclavier, Guitars
  • John Van Tongren - Bass, Keyboards, Piano


  • Engineered and Produced by Michael Wagener
  • Photography by Scarpati

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