Slowhand is the sixth studio album by Eric Clapton, released in 1977.


Side one
  1. "Cocaine" (J.J. Cale) – 3:41
  2. "Wonderful Tonight" (Eric Clapton) – 3:44
  3. "Lay Down Sally" (Clapton, Marcy Levy, George Terry) – 3:56
  4. "Next Time You See Her" (Clapton) – 4:01
  5. "We're All the Way" (Don Williams) – 2:32
Side two
  1. "The Core" (Clapton/Levy) – 8:45
  2. "May You Never" (John Martyn) – 3:01
  3. "Mean Old Frisco" – (Eric Clapton) 4:42
  4. "Peaches and Diesel" (Clapton, Albhy Galuten) – 4:46

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