Skrillex, born Sonny John Moore (*1/15/88), is an electronic music producer and a former singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, USA. He creates songs that are considered Dubstep/Brostep, Electro House, Progressive House, Moombahton and Glitch. Although some songs might contain actual intstruments, mostly they are comprised of electronically-created sounds and vocoded vocals.

Before he created music all by himself he was lead singer and guitarist in the American Post-Hardcore band From First To Last.

After releasing his first EP Gypsyhook under the name Sonny he scheduled to make a studio album named Bells but it was cancelled and he started to perform under the name Skrillex.

In mid-2010 he released his second EP My Name Is Skrillex. It was his first album to release under the name Skrillex and you were only able to download it for free from his MySpace site.

In late 2010 he released Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites EP and almost a year later the remix album More Monsters And Sprites  was published, both were very successful.

In late 2011 he was nominated for five Grammy Awards and won the "Best Dance Recording", "Best Remixed Dance/Electronica Album" and "Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical" awards.

In December 2011 he relased his fifth EP Bangarang.


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