Shepherd Moons
is the 3rd album recorded by Enya. Shepherd Moons was released on November 4, 1991. It also won the Grammy Award for "Best New Age Album" of 1993. It was a #1 album in Great Britian and a Top 20 hit in the United States coming in at #17 on the Billboard 200.

Shepherd Moons Tracklisting:Edit

1. "Shepherd Moons" - 3:42

2. "Caribbean Blue" - 3:58

3. "How Can I Keep From Singing?" - 4:23

4. "Ebudæ" - 1:54

5. "Angeles" - 3:57

6. "No Holly For Miss Quinn" - 2:40

7. "Book Of Days" - 2:32

8. "Evacuee" - 3:50

9. "Lothlórien" - 2:08

10. "Marble Halls" - 3:53

11. "Afer Ventus" - 4:05

12. "Smaointe" - 6:07


  • "Caribbean Blue" was released with "Orinoco Flows", "As Baile", "Angeles", and "Oriel Window" as additional tracks.
  • "How Can I Keep From Singing?" was released with "Oíche Chiún" and "S Fagaim Mo Bhaile" appearing as additional tracks on the album.
  • "Book Of Days" was also released with "Watermark", "On Your Shore", and "Exile" as more additional tracks.

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