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Shades Of Gray

Shades Of Gray is an by Christian Alternative band Youth Choir. It was released by Shadow Records in 1985. The whole EP was later used as 5 bonus tracks on the CD release of The Choir's Chase The Kangaroo.


1. "Fade Into You" - [3:58]
2. "15 Doors" - [3:05]
3. "More Than Words" - [2:36]
4. "Tears Don't Fall" - [4:06]
5. "All Night Long" - [5:01]


  • Derald Daugherty - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Piano
  • Steve Hindalong - Drums, Percussion
  • Tim Chandler - Bass
  • Dan Michaels - Saxophone, Lyricon
  • Background vocals by Steve Hindalong and Tim Chandler


  • Produced by Derald Daugherty and Steve Hindalong

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