Larry Norman - Rock, Scissors et Papier

Rock, Scissors, et Papier

Rock, Scissors, Et Papier is an album by Larry Norman. It was released in 2003 by Solid Rock Records.


  1. The Troubles
  2. Be Careful What You Sign
  3. Lounge Lizard Sings Raindrops
  4. Children Of Lugoj
  5. Rubie
  6. Center Of My Heart
  7. In The Garden
  8. The Rock That Doesn't Roll
  9. Camel Through A Needle's Eye
  10. What's Wrong With This Body?
  11. Near
  12. Positively Like A Servant
  13. Positively 4th Street
  14. Soul On Fire
  15. Rachel And Me
  16. I Love You
  17. Unborn Child

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