Pixies is a demo album by Pixies. It was independently released in 1987.


All songs written by Black Francis except where noted.
  1. Levitate Me [2:30] (Written by Black Francis, David Lovering, Jean Walsh, Joey Santiago, and Mrs. John Murphy)
  2. The Holiday Song [2:08]
  3. I've Been Tired [2:36]
  4. Break My Body [2:00]
  5. Down To The Well [2:36]
  6. Rock A My Soul [1:40]
  7. I'm Amazed [1:40]
  8. Build High [1:41]
  9. In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song) [1:43] (Written by David Lynch and Peter Ivers)
  10. Caribou [3:17]
  11. Here Comes Your Man [2:50]
  12. Subbacultcha [2:52]
  13. Vamos [3:10]
  14. Broken Face [1:23]
  15. Nimrod's Son [2:15]
  16. Isla De Encanta [1:42]
  17. Ed Is Dead [2:32]


  • Mrs. John Murphy - Bass, Vocals
  • David Lovering - Drums
  • Joey Santiago - Lead Guitars
  • Black Francis - Guitars, Vocals


  • Artwork and Produced by Gary Smith
  • Engineered by Paul Kolderie

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