Glass Hammer - Perilous


Perilous is a concept album by progressive rock band Glass Hammer. It was released on October 23, 2012 by Arion Records.


  1. The Sunset Gate [7:37]
  2. Beyond They Dwell [4:00]
  3. The Restless Ones [3:36]
  4. They Cast Their Spell [3:21]
  5. We Slept, We Dreamed [7:41]
  6. The Years Were Sped [2:57]
  7. Our Foe Revealed [6:27]
  8. Toward Home We Fled [6:47]
  9. As The Sun Dipped Low [1:32]
  10. The Wolf Gave Chase [1:59]
  11. We Fell At Last [1:56]
  12. In That Lonely Place [6:10]
  13. Where Sorrows Died And Came No More [6:34]


  • Fred Schendel - Keyboards, Guitars, and Backing Vocals
  • Steve Babb - Bass Guitar, Keyboards, and Backing Vocals
  • Kamran Alan Shikoh - Electric, Classical, and Acoustic Guitars
  • Jon Davison - Lead Vocals
Add. Musicians
  • The Adonia String Trio - Rebecca James (violin), Susan Hawkins-Whitacre (viola), and Rachel Backmann (cello)
  • Amber Fults - Lead Vocals (In That Lonely Place)
  • The McCallie School Guitar Choir - Bharath Venkatesh, Aaron Long, Ralston Hartness, Matthew Norris, Drew Shikoh, and Charles Evans
  • The Chattanooga Girls Choir members: Glory Larm, Laura Ayres, Brooke Pugsley, Kelsey Hodges; with Katherine Stegall, Molly Stegall, and Savannah Fanter
  • Latin Choir: Stephanie Rumpza, Sarah Snyder, Kelly Stultz, Dr. Thomas Hammett, and Robert Waller
  • Carey Shinbaum - Recorders, Oboe
  • Tim Wardle - Backing Vocals


  • Produced by Steve Babb and Fred Schendel
  • Mastering by Bob Katz
  • Latin Choral Score - Fred Schendel and Mike Rumpza; lyrics and translation by Stephanie Rumpza with Steve Babb
  • Art Direction - Rodrigo T. Adolfo
  • Layout - Sound Resources
  • Gatekeeper photography by Spitestock
  • Administration - Julie Babb
  • Glass Hammer forum admin: Brian Nielsen

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