Petra - Never Say Die

Never Say Die

Never Say Die
is the fourth studio album by Christian rock band Petra. It was released in 1981 by Star Song Records. Later reissued on a double album called Washes Whiter Than/Never Say Die. It contains three covers from E Band, being The Coloring Song, Without Him We Can Do Nothing, and Praise Ye The Lord.


1. "The Coloring Song" - [2:52]
2. "Chameleon" - [5:47]
3. "Angel Of Light" - [4:21]
4. "Killing My Old Man" - [3:46]
5. "Without Him We Can Do Nothing" - [3:26]
6. "Never Say Die" - [3:42]
7. "I Can Be Friends With You" - [4:12]
8. "For Annie" - [4:24]
9. "Father Of Lights" - [3:02]
10. "Praise Ye The Lord" - [3:13]


  • Greg X. Volz - Lead Vocals, Guitars
  • Bob Hartman - Guitars
  • Mark Kelly - Bass
  • John Slick - Keyboards, String Arrangements

Add. Musicians

  • Keith Edwards - Drums, Percussion
  • Alex MacDougall - Percussion
  • Joe Miller - Trombone
  • Bob Welborn - Trumpet


  • Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Jonathan David Brown
  • Mastered by Steve Hall

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