180px-Bill Mallonee - My Year in Review

My Year In Review

My Year In Review is an album by Bill Mallonee. It was originally a fan club tape with only 450 copies made with rare tracks, live recordings from Cornerstone Festival, with and without the Vigilantes Of Love, and outtakes, released in 1995. It was later re-released in 2002.


  1. Tokyo Rose (Live) [4:58]
  2. Vet (Live) [4:14]
  3. Earth Has No Sorrow (Live) [4:21]
  4. My Year In Review (Live) [4:13]
  5. Deep End (Swamp-Stomp Version) (Live) [4:53]
  6. Driving The Nails (Live) [4:49]
  7. Berlin In '53 (Live) [6:30]
  8. Bolt Action (Early "Bell Tower" Version) (Live) [5:04]
  9. Certain Slant Of Light [5:59]
  10. Postscript [3:50]
  11. Double Cure (Early Solo-Acoustic Version) [3:38]
  12. On To Bethlehem (Flagpole 1995 Version) [6:05]
  13. Sing Angel Choirs (Sister Ruby Version) [3:14]
  14. Where My Seed Might Find Purchase [6:05]
  15. All We Left Unsaid [3:44]

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