Matmos is the 1997 debut album of American electronic
music duo Matmos. The album features field recordings of everyday activities as well as more unusual things, such as nerve activity of a crayfish, on "Verber: amplified synapse".

The album is of an experimental nature and has elements of different genres of electronic music such as drum'nbass, minimal techno and glitch.


  1. "It Seems"
  2. "Plastic Minor"
  3. "...And Silver Light Popped in His Eyes"
  4. "Lunaire"
  5. "This is..."
  6. "Three Guitar Lessons"
  7. "Office Furniture (After Evidence)"
  8. "Electric Things"
  9. "Verber: amplified synapse"
  10. "Nugent Sand"
  11. "Schluss"
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