is the second album released by Irish shoegaze group My Bloody Valentine. It was released by Creation Records on 4 November 1991. It is rumoured to have almost bankrupted the band's label, and remains the band's most popular album to date.


  1. Only Shallow [4:17]
  2. Loomer [2:38]
  3. Touched [0:57]
  4. To Here Knows When [5:31]
  5. When You Sleep [4:11]
  6. I Only Said [5:34]
  7. Come In Alone [3:58]
  8. Sometimes [5:19]
  9. Blown A Wish [3:36]
  10. What You Want [5:33]
  11. Soon [6:58]

All songs written by Kevin Shields except:

Only ShallowLoomerTo Here Knows When  and  Blown A Wish,  written by Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher;

Touched,  written by Colm Ó Cíosóig.

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