Daniel Amos - Live Bootleg '82

Live Bootleg - '82

Live Bootleg '82 is a live album by Daniel Amos. It was released in 1990 by Stunt Records. This was a taped live concert in 1982 and released eight years later.


  1. I Love You #19
  2. I'm On Your Team
  3. Faces To The Window
  4. Mall All Over The World
  5. Everyone's Fallen Down
  6. Baby Game
  7. Through The Speakers
  8. ¡Alarma!
  9. Love Has Open Arms
  10. Hit Them
  11. Hound Of Heaven
  12. Ghost Of The Heart
  13. The Surf Suite
    1. Endless Summer
    2. Near Sighted Girl With Approaching Tidal Wave
    3. Wipe Out (The Beach Boys cover)
    4. Surfin' USA (The Beach Boys cover)

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