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Last Days/Early Mars

Last Days/Early Mars is an album by Bill Mallonee. It was released in 2011. It is a re-recording of the Vigilantes Of Love's Summershine.


  1. News Feed [3:57]
  2. The Heart, The Final Frontier [4:08]
  3. When God Made The Heavens [4:05]
  4. The Moon Is Always Singing [3:28]
  5. God Of War [3:12]
  6. Ode For A Forgotten Astronaut [2:54]
  7. Just Hit "Send" [3:39]
  8. Psalm For A Countdown [2:42]
  9. Houston, We Have A Problem [4:03]
  10. Jet Pack Blues [4:15]
  11. Untethered (Space Junk) [4:05]
  12. Splashdown [2:52]
  13. Take Me To Your Leader [5:25]

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