Kritical is the first and last studio album by DJ Pack-man before he changed his name to Erixeya on July 2. It was released in February of 2012.


1. Hate and Intoletrance - 8:50

2. General Meep's Army - 7:06

3. Kritical - 4:52

4. Caos Eterno Y Lluvia De Chocolate - 4:32

5. Cooler and Faster (feat. Mrarkon) - 3:00

6. Dundee (feat. Meeperz) - 4:18

Release InfoEdit

Distributor: TuneCore

Distribution Market(s): NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!!

Pricing: N/A

Copyright: CherryGhostal Recordings , TuneCore , DJ Pack-man , Meeperz



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