Glass Hammer - Journey Of The Dunadan

Journey Of The Dunadan

Journey Of The Dunadan is the first album by Glass Hammer. It is a concept album about J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. However, the title reads "Dunadan" and not "Dúnadan" as in the book. It was released by Arion Records in 1993.


  1. Shadow Of The Past
  2. Something's Coming
  3. Song Of The Dunadan
  4. Fog On The Barrow-downs
  5. The Prancing Pony
  6. The Way To Her Heart
  7. The Ballad Of Balin Longbeard
  8. Rivendell
  9. Khazad-Dûm
  10. Nimrodel
  11. The Palantir
  12. Pelennor Fields
  13. Why I Cry (Arwen's Song)
  14. Anduril
  15. Morannon Gate
  16. The Return Of The King

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