Suicidal Tendencies - Join the Army
Join the Army is the second album by Suicidal Tendencies. It was released in 1987 on Caroline Records, and introduced the band's classic style of music, crossing over the genres of punk and thrash metal, known as crossover thrash, a genre that Suicidal Tendencies have been credited for creating.

Track listingEdit

  1. Suicidal Maniac
  2. Join the Army
  3. You Got, I Want
  4. A Little Each Day
  5. The Prisoner
  6. War Inside My Head
  7. I Feel Your Pain
  8. Human Guinea Pig
  9. Possessed to Skate
  10. No Name, No Words
  11. Born to Be Cyco
  12. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right (But They Make Me Feel a Whole Lot Better)
  13. Looking in Your Eyes

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