Infamous is the second full-lenght album by Post-Hardcore
Abandon All Ships-Infamous
/Trancecore band Abandon All Ships. It was released on July 3, 2012. It was released through Rise Records and and was produced by Anthony Calabretta and Mark Spicoluk. The album is comepletly written by Angelo Aita, Sebastian Cassisi Nunez, Martin Broda, Anthony Calabretta and Mark Spicoluk and features a mix of Post-Hardcore and House electronics and even has some hip hop inluences.


  1. Good Old Friend (2:37)
  2. Infamous (ft. A-Game) (3:25) (additional writing by A-Game)
  3. Less Than Love (3:19)
  4. Ahmed (2:31)
  5. American Holocaust (ft. Johnny OC) (2:55)
  6. August (3:46)
  7. Forever Lonely (3:49)
  8. Made Of Gold (4:07)
  9. Faded (3:22)
  10. Brothers For Life (ft. XbikerackX) (3:01)


  • Angelo Aita (Vocals)
  • Martin Broda (Clean vocals, electric bass)
  • Daniel Ciccotelli (Lead guitar)
  • Sebastian Cassisi-Nunez (Synthesizers, keyboard, programming)
  • Chris Taylor (Drums, percussion)

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