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Frisbie is the second full-length album by Heavy Vegetable. It was released in September 1995.


  1. Still Moving
  2. Cotton Swab [tab]
  3. Abducted By The Work Aliens
  4. Crash
  5. P.O.E.
  6. Song For Wesley
  7. Sad Mud Song
  8. Never Forget
  9. Intro
  10. Bully
  11. Tune Travis Tune
  12. On Purpose
  13. E/Or
  14. Mushroom Boy
  15. Henry Mancini Goes Surfing
  16. I Owe You
  17. Multiball
  18. Dental
  19. Daisy
  20. The Duck's At Ralph's
  21. Spatula
  22. Jackie Chan Is A Punk Rocker
  23. Pine
  24. Fired
  25. Tap
  26. Stop
  27. Radio
  28. Going Steady With The Limes

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