Bon iver album cover-1-
For Emma, Forever Ago

Cover of the self-released original version of the album.

is the debut studio album by Bon Iver. It was first released (self-released) on July 8, 2007. It was released by Jagjaguwar Records on February 19, 2008 (in the US) and by 4AD Records on May 12, 2008 (in the UK).


  1. Flume [3:39]
  2. Lump Sum [3:21]
  3. Skinny Love [3:59]
  4. The Wolves (Act I and Act II) [5:22]
  5. Blindisided [5:29]
  6. Creature Fear [3:06]
  7. Team [1:57]
  8. For Emma [3:41]
  9. re: Stacks [6:41]
  10. Wisconsin [iTunes bonus track] [5:24]

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