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Footnotes For Departures

Footnotes For Departures is an album by Bill Mallonee. It was released in 2012.


  1. Pillow Of Stars (full band version) [4:07]
  2. Here Comes Heartache [5:25]
  3. Pull With All Your Life [3:33]
  4. Grave Reservations [3:45]
  5. Strand Of Stars (All Woven In Your Hair) [6:33]
  6. Otherwise [4:40]
  7. Soliloquy [3:59]
  8. Warm & Safe & Dry [5:56]
  9. High Beam (Watch It Fall A Part) [4:17]
  10. Got Nowhere To Lay My Head [3:05]
  11. Long Good-Bye (Did It Choose You?) [5:52]
  12. After All The Telling Gets Told [4:20]
  13. The Years The River Bears Away [5:20]
  14. Brand New Skin (for Mary Alice Newman) [3:57]
  15. Plowshares Into Swords [4:27]
  16. Nomenclature [2:53]

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