is the 23rd album by Gonzalo Rubalcaba. It was released in 2010.


01. Derivado, Pt. 1
02. Maferefun Iya Lodde Me
03. Improvisation, Pt. 2 (Based On Coltrane)
04. Derivado, Pt. 2
05. Con Alma, Pt. 1
06. Preludio Corto #2 (Tu Amor Era Falso)
07. Blue In Green, Pt. 1
08. Oro
09. Joan
10. Joao
11. Yolanda Anas
12. Blue In Green, Pt. 2
13. Con Alma, Pt. 3
14. Improvisation, Pt. 1 (Based On Coltrane)
15. Derivado, Pt. 3
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