is an album by Tangerine Dream, released in September 1981. It was recorded at Christopher Franke's Polygon Studios in June and July 1981 and released later that year.


  1. "Kiew Mission" (Edgar Froese/Johannes Schmoelling) [9:18]
  2. "Pilots Of Purple Twilight" (Christopher Franke/Froese/Schmoelling) [4:19]
  3. "Choronzon" (Franke/Froese/Schmoelling) [4:07]
  4. "Exit" (Franke/Froese/Schmoelling) [5:33]
  5. "Network 23" (Franke/Froese/Schmoelling) [4:55]
  6. "Remote Viewing" (Franke/Froese/Schmoelling) [8:20]


  • Edgar Froese - organ, synthesizer, bass, guitar, guitar (bass), keyboards, Mellophonium, producer, Mellotron, VCS 3 synthesizer
  • Christopher Franke - synthesizer, keyboards, Moog synthesizer, VCS 3 synthesizer
  • Johannes Schmoelling - synthesizer, keyboards


  • Produced by Edgar Froese and Christopher Franke
  • Cover Art by Monica Froese

Release informationEdit

  • LP Virgin V 2212
  • CD Virgin CDV 2212
  • CD Elektra 557-2

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