301px-The Choir-Diamonds And Rain

Diamonds And Rain

Diamonds And Rain
is the first studio album by Christian Alternative band The Choir. It was released by Myrrh Records in 1986. The original title was to be called Love and Fear, but the band decided the more poetic approach, being Diamonds and Rain.


  1. "Fear Only You"
  2. "Render Love"
  3. "All That Is You"
  4. "Black Cloud"
  5. "I Painted Mercy"
  6. "Kingston Road"
  7. "Listen To Her Eyes"
  8. "(You Do That) Triangle"
  9. "Love Falls Down"
  10. "When The Morning Comes"


  • Derald Daugherty - Lead Vocals, Guitars
  • Tim Chandler - Bass
  • Dan Michaels - Woodwinds
  • Background vocals by Charlie Peacock, Bill Batstone, and Jerry Chamberlain

Add. Musicians

  • Charlie Peacock - Keyboards
  • Bill Batstone - Acoustic Guitars


  • Produced by Charlie Peacock
  • Engineered by Mike Mierau
  • Assistant Engineer - Paul Abajian
  • Mixed by Martin Heyes
  • Mastered by Bernie Grundman
  • Art Direction - Roland Young
  • Photography by Nancy French
  • Management - Brian Martin


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