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Diablo Guapo is the debut studio album by Bastro. Released on 25
September 1989.


  1. Tallow Waters
  2. Filthy Five Filthy Ten
  3. Guapo
  4. Flesh-Colored House
  5. Short-Haired Robot
  6. Can Of Whoopass
  7. Decent Skin
  8. Engaging The Reverend
  9. Wurlitzer
  10. Pretty Smart On My Part
  11. Hoosier Logic
  12. Shoot Me A Deer


  • David Grubbs - Guitars
  • Clark Johnson - Bass
  • John McEntire - Drums

Add. Musicians

  • William Bennett - Sound Effects
  • Britt Walford - Drums


  • Recorded by Brian J. Paulson and Howie Gano

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