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Daniel Amos

Daniel Amos is a Christian alternative band formed in 1974. They started as a country rock style band and changed styles from punk to alternative.


Studio albumsEdit

Daniel Amos (1976)
Shotgun Angel (1977)
Horrendous Disc (1980)
¡Alarma! (1981)
Doppelgänger (1983)
Vox Humana (1984)
Fearful Symmetry (1986)
Darn Floor - Big Bite (1987)
Kalhöun (1991)
Motorcycle (1993)
Bibleland (1994)
Songs Of The Heart (1995)
Mr. Buechner's Dream (2001)
Dig Here Said The Angel (2013)

Compilation AlbumsEdit

The Revelation (1986)
Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits (1998)
When Everyone Wore Hats (2001)
2011 Tour Sampler (2011)

Live AlbumsEdit

Live Bootleg '82 (1990)
Preachers From Outer Space (1994)
Live At Cornerstone (2000)


  • Terry Taylor (1974-Present)
  • Greg Flesch (1984-Present)
  • Ed McTaggart (1976-Present)
  • Tim Chandler (1984-Present)
  • Marty Dieckmeyer (1974-1981)
  • Jerry Chamberlain (1974-1983)
  • Alex MacDougall (1978-1981)
  • Mark Cook (1978-1981)
  • Rob Watson (1982-1984)
  • Steve Baxter (1974-1975)

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