Bibleland is an album by Daniel Amos. It was released in 1994 by Brainstorm Artists.


All songs written by Terry Taylor except where noted.
  1. Broken Ladders To Glory
  2. Bibleland
  3. Theo's Logic
  4. Low Crawls And High Times
  5. Bakersfield
  6. Out In The Cold
  7. The Bubble Bursts
  8. Pete And Repeat
  9. Constance Of The Universe
  10. I'll Get Over It
  11. She's Working Here
  12. Stone Away (Terry Taylor, Ed McTaggart, and Tim Chandler)


  • Terry Taylor - Vocals, Guitars
  • Tim Chandler - Bass, Guitars
  • Ed McTaggart - Drums
  • Greg Flesch - Guitars
  • Jerry Chamberlain - Guitars
  • Gene Eugene - Piano


  • Produced by Terry Taylor
  • Executive Producers: Gene Eugene and Ojo Taylor
  • Art Direction, Design, and Photography by Court Patton and Tom Gulotta
  • Engineered by Gene Eugene and Terry Taylor
  • Illustration by Doug Tennapel
  • Mastered by Doug Doyle
  • Mixed by Gene Eugene

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