Kevin Max - Between the Fence and the Universe

Between The Fence And The Universe

Between The Fence And The Universe is a studio EP by Kevin Max. It was released in 2005 by Blind Thief Recordings.


All songs written by Kevin Max, Erick Cole, and Jason Garner except where noted.
  1. Seek - [3:39] (Kevin Max, Erick Cole)
  2. 21st Century Darlings - [2:34]
  3. Irish Hymn - [3:46]
  4. Stranded 72.5 - [3:45] (Kevin Max, Cary Barlowe)
  5. Golden - [6:00]
  6. Hallelujah - [4:55] (Leonard Cohen cover)
  7. To The Dearly Departed - [4:00]


  • Kevin Max - Vocals, Keyboards
  • "Tone The Bone" Lucido - Bass
  • Jonathan Smith - Drums
  • Erick Cole - Guitars
  • Cary Barlowe - Guitars
  • Jesse Supalla - Piano
  • Background vocals by Erick Cole and Kevin Max


  • Design by Lyndon Perry
  • Engineered by Skye McKasky
  • Management by Randy Spencer
  • Mixed by Dwayne Larring
  • Recorded by Erick Cole, Jonathan Smith, and Kevin Max
  • Programmed by Erick Cole and Jason Garner

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