Petra-Beat The System

Beat The System

Beat The System is a studio album by Petra. It was released in 1984 by Star Song Records.


  1. Beat The System [4:24]
  2. Computer Brains [4:01]
  3. Clean [3:02]
  4. It Is Finished [3:54]
  5. Voice In The Wind [4:31]
  6. God Gave Rock And Roll To You [3:54]
  7. Witch Hunt [4:35]
  8. Hollow Eyes [4:03]
  9. Speak To The Sky [4:18]
  10. Adonai [4:42]


  • Greg X. Volz - Lead Vocals
  • Bob Hartman - Guitars
  • Mark Kelly - Bass, Synth-Bass
  • Louie Weaver - Drums, Percussion
  • John Lawry - Keyboards
  • Background vocals by Bob Hartman, Mark Kelly, and John Lawry


  • Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Jonathan David Brown
    • Assisted by Todd Van Etten, J.T. Cantwell, and Don Cobb
  • Mastered by Steve Hall
  • Arrangements by Jonathan David Brown and Carl Marsh
  • Vocal arrangements by Jonathan David Brown and Greg X. Volz
  • Fairlight synthesizer programming by Carl Marsh
    • Additional synthesizer programming by John Lawry
    • Additional Fairlight programming by Rhett Lawrence
  • Cover concept and Photography by Robert Peak, Jr.
  • Graphic design by Lori Cooper
  • Electronic photo retouching by David Hix

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