Vigilantes Of Love - Audible Sigh

Audible Sigh

Audible Sigh is an album by Vigilantes Of Love. It was released in 1999.


  1. Goes Without Saying
  2. She Walks On Roses
  3. Resplendent
  4. Now As The Train Pulls Away
  5. Starry Eyed
  6. Extreme North Of The Compass
  7. Nothing Like A Train
  8. Hard Luck And Heart Attack
  9. Black Cloud O'er Me
  10. Good Luck Charm
  11. It Could Be A Lot Worse
  12. Solar System
  13. It's Not Bothering Me
  14. Dream Coat
  15. I'm Not There
  16. Bearing The Load
  17. Going South
  18. But Not For Long
  19. Paralyzed

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