Antisleep, Vol. 2 is the third studio album by Blue Stahli. It was digitally released on 9 December 2011 and on CD on 16 December 2011.


  1. Rapid Fire
  2. Jet Set
  3. Let's Go
  4. Smackdown
  5. Trash Glamour Rock Chick
  6. So So Bad
  7. Dragstrip Burnout
  8. Blast Action
  9. Jackhammer Manifesto
  10. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  11. Glitterati
  12. Railgun
  13. Vegas, Baby
  14. Fierce Pop Starlet
  15. Slick
  16. Rebellion Anthem
  17. Let's Go (Instrumental)
  18. So So Bad (Instrumental)

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