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American Tragedy Redux is the first remix album released by Hollywood Undead. It contains 10 songs, but including the iTunes bonus track it has 11 total.


1. Levitate (Digital Dog club mix) - 7:15

2. Comin' in Hot (Wideboys club mix) - 5:48

3. Apologize (Buffalo Bill "Die Young" remix) - 7:37

4. My Town (Andrew W.K. remix) - 3:49

5. Coming Back Down (Beatnick & K-Salaam remix) - 3:13

6. Hear Me Now (Jonathan Davis of Korn remix) - 3:10

7. I Don't Wanna Die (Borgore remix) - 4:29

8. Le Deux (Dr. Eargasm remix) - 4:33

9. Lights Out (The Juggernaut Vs. Obsidian remix) - 4:25

10. Been to Hell... and Back! (KMFDM remix) - 3:30

iTunes bonus trackEdit

11. Bullet (Kay V remix) - 3:19

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