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If you own an albumEdit

If you own an album that is on this Wiki, you can let other people know!

Simply click "edit" on the page of the album and go to the bottom; then hover over the puzzle image, click "edit template" and increase the number by 1!

If you own an album that is not on this wikiEdit

If you own an album that isn't on this Wiki, you are welcome to add it! Anyone can edit, so please share your knowledge about albums!

You can add an album by any artist, of any genre, from any year.

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Turn On The Bright Lights (2002)

Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights-1-

by Interpol

"Turn On The Bright Lights is the first studio album by Interpol, released on 19 August 2002 by Matador Records. (...)"

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