180px-Stryper - Against The Law

Against The Law

Against The Law is an album by Stryper. It was released by Enigma/Capitol Records in 1990.


  1. Against The Law [3:49]
  2. Two Time Woman [3:40]
  3. Rock The People [3:34]
  4. Two Bodies (One Mind, One Soul) [5:17]
  5. Not That Kind Of Guy [3:59]
  6. Shining Star [4:22]
  7. Ordinary Man [3:51]
  8. Lady [4:53]
  9. Caught In The Middle [3:48]
  10. All For One [4:31]
  11. Rock The Hell Out Of You [3:35]


  • Michael Sweet - Lead Vocals, Guitars
  • Oz Fox - Guitars
  • Tim Gaines - Bass
  • Robert Sweet - Drums
  • Background vocals by Oz Fox, Michael Sweet, and Tim Gaines

Add. Musicians

  • Randy D. Jackson - Bass
  • John Purdell - Keyboards
  • Brent Jeffers - Keyboards


  • Produced by Tom Werman
  • Engineered by Buzz Morrows, Lawrence Ethan, and Mike Bosley
  • Recorded and Mixed by Eddie De Lena

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