2112 is the fourth album by Canadian band Rush, released April 1, 1976. The highlight of the album is the seven
220px-Rush 2112
part suite, 2112, which is over 20 minutes long total.


  1. 2112
  • I. Overture
  • II. The Temples of Syrinx
  • III. Discovery
  • IV. Presentation
  • V. Oracle: The Dream
  • VI. Soliloquy
  • VII. Grand Finale

2. A Passage to Bangkok

3. The Twilight Zone

4. Lessons

5. Tears

6. Something for Nothing



  • Geddy Lee– bass guitar, vocals, mini Moog
  • Alex Lifeson – electric and acoustic guitars
  • Neil Peart – drums, percussion

Additional musicianEdit

  • Hugh Syme –mellotron

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