220px-Metallica - And Justice for All cover

...And Justice For All is the fourth studio album by the band Metallica. It was released in the USA on August 25, 1988. Despite having some very popular songs on the album, live performances have been criticized for extreme length. This is backed by the fact that no song on this album is shorter than five minutes and thirteen seconds, not counting the Japanese version.

The album contains 9 songs, but including the Japanese version's extra song, it has 10.


1. Blackened - 6:41

2. ...And Justice for All - 9:46

3. Eye of the Beholder - 6:26

4. One - 7:24

5. The Shortest Straw - 6:35

6. Harvester of Sorrow - 5:45

7. The Frayed Ends of Sanity - 7:41

8. To Live Is to Die - 9:49

9. Dyers Eve - 5:13

Japanese VersionEdit

10. The Prince - 4:26

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