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"Ti Jean" Hearts Crossing The Center Line

"Ti Jean" Hearts Crossing The Center Line (inspired by the writings of Jack Kerouac) is an album by Bill Mallonee. It was released in 2011.


  1. Hard Luck & Heart Attack [4:20]
  2. Sober Up [4:09]
  3. From The Beats Down To The Buddha [5:50]
  4. With Your Skin Intact (demo) [5:24]
  5. (I Remember) All The Junkies And Exiles (2 track demo) [5:27]
  6. Once Your Heart Gets Broken (It Just Keeps On Breaking) [4:52]
  7. Bakersfield (Drifter's Song) [5:42]
  8. Nomenclature [2:53]
  9. Western Skies [3:39]
  10. Going Down (Out Like A Light) [3:55]
  11. Pillow Of Stars (Fate & Sad Rehearsals) [4:07]
  12. From The Beats Down The Buddha (electric) [5:26]

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